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Concentration – The Attention Trainer
16 April, 2013

'Concentration - The Attention Trainer' is an app from the popular series "Successfully Learning" developed for preschool and elementary school children. An important condition for being successful at school is the ability to concentrate. So the series of products for learning Math, German (native) and English was completed by an app which can help kids improve their concentration skills. And the good news is that this app is also available for Android OS now.

Different kinds of attention and memory can be trained by means of the 20 interactive tasks which can be played in 2 different modes: user can choose between exercises with no time limit and a 3 minutes test. In the test mode your achievments are saved so that progress can be viewed. There are 10 difficulty levels adjusting automatically in each task. Another special feature is that no reading skills are necessary thanks to continuous audio instructions. Addittional motivation is created thanks to stickers users get as rewards and can collect in a special module - sticker album.
The product was developed under supervision from the Society for Brain Training in Hamburg. The game can be played in English, German, Chinese and Russian.