Tivola and the Web production

Tivola and the Web production
18 April, 2013

'Capt'n Sharky - First English' is a product developed for preschool children to help them prepare to school. It includes 5 diverse learning games and an exciting logic game as a reward. Little pirates will count in English, answer questions asked in English and learn English names of different things they see every day. They can also improve their concentration skills while memorizing English words.

Interesting tasks, beautiful and child-oriented graphic, funny animations and motivating atmosphere created by the charming Capt'n Sharky turn learning English into a real adventure. All the texts are translated into Russian and voiced so no reading skills are required.


Another app of the 'Successfully Learning' series - 'Capt'n Sharky - First Numbers' - is among the top apps on the Russian App Store already and ranks 5th in the category Games/Education.