Tivola and the Web production

Tivola and the Web production
21 March, 2013

“Successfully Learning” is a popular series of educative software products for elementary- and preschool children. Its aim is to help kids improve and deepen their knowledge of school subjects such as Math, English and native language, or prepare themselves to school if we talk about preschool children. But an important condition for being successful at school is the ability to concentrate. So the series was completed by a product which could help children to improve their concentration skills.

During the last years the game was developed for different platforms, including iOS. Now the app is also available on the Chinese App Store.

Different kinds of memory (visual and auditory) can be trained by means of the 20 interactive tasks which can be played in 2 different modes: user can choose between exercises with no time limit and a 3 minutes test. There are 10 difficulty levels adjusting automatically in each task. Besides that the game includes a virtual sticker book as a part of the rewarding system.