Die Drei ??? - Plan der Chamäleonbande

Die Drei ??? - Plan der Chamäleonbande
6 April, 2022

We're glad to introduce next case for Die drei ??? - Plan der Chamäleonbande (Chameleon Gang plan), published by United Soft Media Verlag GmbH.
A wave of sophisticated raids keeps the whole country in suspense. The well camouflaged “chameleon gang” is said to be behind it. Curiously, the times and places of the break-ins coincide with the touring schedule of a hip singing duo. Are the musicians behind the crimes? Bob goes on tour and goes undercover. But where are Justus and Peter?
Investigate a compelling case between Rocky Beach, California's Wine Country and San Francisco.
Available for download in the iOS and MacOS AppStores, Google Play Market, Amazon AppStore, Windows Store and also as Desktop version for Windows and OSX.
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Plan der Chamäleonbande