Come in - Learn English

Come in - Learn English
2 June, 2023

The Come in English app from Klett for primary schools

The app for the award-winning learning concept covers the content of grades 3 and 4 in accordance with the textbook.

This is what the Come in English app offers:
– Deepening your vocabulary and discovering your first linguistic structures.
– In addition to the 15 chapters of the popular textbook Come in, there are around 100 interactive exercises for listening comprehension, reading comprehension and writing.
– Words are trained effectively through exercises such as drag & drop, fill in the blanks, highlighting, dropdown, search and word field tasks.
– The app contains all audio and video files that match the stories, songs and chants for the activity book.
– The children receive immediate feedback on their solutions.
– Collecting stars for correct solutions promotes motivation.
– A clear evaluation area helps you assess the children’s learning level.

Published by Ernst Klett Verlag GmbH.

Come in - Learn English