The key advantage of our team is the combined usage of various technologies due to the wide spectrum digital products we produce.
Our employees are qualified in the following fields:
95% of programmers have higher education in the field of computer science
100% of designers and animators have higher education in the field of art
80% of all employees have more than 1 year of working experience in related fields
50% of all employees have more than 3 years of working experience in related fields
30% of all employees have Microsoft, SUN, Oracle certificates

The programmers team of The Web Production consists of young professionals who have worked in related fields on average 4 years. Leading technologies are used in development process. TWP programmers deliver pioneering approaches of the task accomplishment.

The animation team of The Web Production creates highly professional Games and Cartoons while the most advanced and up-to-date animation software is involved at a highest possible extent. The success of our Cartoons is guaranteed due to the combination of profound knowledge in the field of traditional animation and modern computer technologies.

Our Quality Assurance Team ensures a qualitative development of the project. We consider Quality Assurance as one of the most important components of the project realization process: 30% of the project realization time is used for testing.

Our company works with the clients from all over the world. Our professional and energetic Client Relations team makes it possible. Each of our coordinators speaks several foreign languages. The project managers maintain contacts with you through coordinators. On request, we will make the project versions in several European languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch).